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Croatia is the perfect destination for adventure. It offers a lot of outdoor activities like hiking in the hills to scuba diving in the Adriatic. Some of the best adventure spots are the Plitvice National Park, Cetina River, Paklenica National Park and more… 

ATV Safari Tours

In the southern region of Croatia, one can do the ATV (all terrain vehicle) Safari Tours. This tour includes drive through the picturesque villages and valleys. It is a 4 hour tour in the Dubrovnik Riveria and includes the services of a professional licensed guide, gear & equipments, and snacks & refreshments. It is a moderate adventure sport and is suitable for all.

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Canoeing and Kayaking in the calm and crystal waters of Croatia is a delightful experience. No physical preparation is required to participate in this activity. A life jacket, a helmet, a paddle and a few safety instructions from the instructor will set you off on this beautiful excursion. The rivers in Croatia are very clean and the water is crystal clear. July to August is the peak season to visit Croatia while June and the end of August & mid-September are the best time for Canoeing and Kayaking. Children above 8 years and adults can participate in this adventure.

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Sea Kayaking

Croatia has over a 1000 islands which makes Sea Kayaking in Croatia a fantastic experience. The Adriatic Sea is warm, with clean water and gentle tides. Strong currents as well as big waves and unpleasant winds are rare and can be predicted. The beaches here are sandy. Gravel and rocks of all kinds are most likely to be found on islands as well as in the coastal areas. Sea Kayaking takes you past huge rocks and below high cliffs, where you can explore the caves and relax in hidden coves. You will enjoy sunshine, calm waters and a world of silence below the surface. Your kayak will take you where sailing boats won’t dare: very near the rocks, where land and sea intertwine, where shoals of colorful fish and other sea creatures search for food and shelter.  The best Sea Kayaking places in Croatia are the Elafiti Islands, Kornati Islands and Dubrovnik.  

We invite you to join us on our sea Kayaking holiday with friendly guides to the Dubrovnik Old City Walls or the green Elaphite islands, close to the shore. This sea kayaking holiday in Croatia features overnight stays on islands of the Dubrovnik archipelago. Sea kayaking distances range from 15 to 20 km and the holiday is most suited to those who already have some sea kayaking experience.  

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Croatia has many diverse landscapes and that makes it the perfect place for all hiking, walking and trekking enthusiasts. You can conquer the most beautiful peaks and explore interesting mountain ranges, canyons, lush green forests and paths in the countryside. You also discover that the rivers of these mountain regions have carved fascinating canyons – rocky in the Dalmatia region (very near the coast), and encompassed by forests in the north. The Dinara mountain chain is magnificent and outlines the coast of Croatia. The largest mountain is Velebit, a nature park with an astounding variety of plants, forests, canyons, rocks and caves. Another favourite for backpackers and outdoorsy people are Ucka in Istria and the nearby Gorski Kotar mountains.

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A sailing tour in Croatia is not just an ordinary sailing activity or risky adventure. The shorelines of Croatia are seeped in history and nature-sun drenched beaches, reefs, caves, cliffs and pine forests. You will explore them while gently drifting on a sailing catamaran, a yacht, walking/hiking, swimming or snorkeling. The sea in Croatia is translucent, warm and friendly. You can sunbake on the deck or take active part in sailing – at the helm, raising sails, anchoring. 

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